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Poultry Sass

If you have never spent time with a flock of chickens, I highly recommend it.  Not only is it pure contentment for the soul, but it is some of the best entertainment around.  I am constantly cracking up at the big personalities of my hens.  They are all each very unique in their own way and never cease to put on a good show.  Today they were full of poultry sass.

After the hawk attack, the girls have remained very close.  Sometimes they bring closeness to a whole new level.  In our chicken yard there are four lovely, hay filled, quiet nesting boxes to choose from.  Two are located on the ground in dark boxes and two are located in the coop if the girls need a little more privacy.  Over the last few months they seem to constantly rotate which one they prefer.  At one point several months ago we had noticed a huge drop in egg production.  We figured it was due to the change in season and did not think of it again.  However, our productive little poultry had not had a decrease in egg production at all.  I discovered this as I went to clean out the goat houses and found dozens upon dozens of beautiful, weeks old eggs stacked high in the corners of the goat houses.  Lesson learned!

Needless to say, there are plenty of options for private, comfortable egg laying.  However, Gerty and the Barred Rock prefer to lay eggs this way…




I am sure there is no closer bond than laying eggs together beak to tail feathers.

Now this intimate bonding causes quite a ruckus.  While this is going on the other girls are anxiously clucking wildly looking up at the nesting boxes.  Apparently they disapprove.



Lucy is looking into the nest box at this gregarious behavior and clucking her opinion.  Ethel flew to the top of the coop to try and get a better look at the shenanigans below.

These silly girls provide a constant source of delight and entertainment for us as well as delicious fresh eggs.

Until next time…

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