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Post-Thanksgiving Thoughts and Sunrises

 SR 08172011 

After visiting my Grandmother and Uncles in Chicago, I knew I didn't want to live and work in the city when I graduated from Auburn. I've been offered some good paying jobs at large hospital labs, but I’m fortunate live in a great area in NW Alabama, and even though I live in the country on part of what use to be the family dairy farm, it's only 5 minutes from town. The cost of living is low and the hospital I work at offers cardiac surgery & neurosurgery. Our open heart surgery is rated one of the best in the state. We have a great musical heritage in the area known as the hit recording capital of the world in the sixties, so there is always something going on musically or some type of theater and the arts. I’ll go into one of the Mom & Pop grocery stores in Tuscumbia for a gallon of milk and spend an hour talking to people I know. I don't take that for granted.  

   SR 08162011 

   SR 6015 
July 19, 2011. Sunrise over the Tennessee River  

I’m thankful for my family, wonderful friends, great co-workers who even my Mom considers family. I had knee surgery last week, to repair the meniscus on each side, cartilage and ligament damage incurred while crawling up on a chair in April to change a light bulb.  I haven't lacked for a meal with Mom and my friends around.   I graduated from crutches to a cane today, and I am very grateful for that. I think everyone should experience what the disable go through; maybe they would be more considerate and understanding of those with handicaps.  

  SR 08082011  

   SR 09012011  

 My three hooligans are thankful they have a good home on three acres with all the mice, birds, bumblebees and rabbits to chase. They are thankful their lives are now free of the abuse of the past, except when I yell at them to stop digging up a tree after mice.  

     SR 07222011      

      SR 07202011    

My garden really never got off the ground with my knee injury.  I planted cucumbers and squash three times, and the extreme hot weather we had during the spring and summer burned them up as soon as the plants popped out of the soil. You tend to fuss after the work you put into a garden doesn't yield veggies, but I did get corn, and tomatoes.  Last week we had temperatures in the high seventies; today we are having snow flurries with temps in the high thirties.  Talk about a swing.  Before my surgery, I managed to get most of my potted iris and daylilies into the ground.  Some aren’t where I wanted them, but they are out of a pot and in the soil.  Next spring after I see the colorization of each, I’ll move to an appropriate themed bed.

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve gotten to appreciate each morning’s sunrise.  It means I get to see another wonder day. 

 SR 07 13 2011 

mary carton
12/2/2011 6:58:39 PM

Thanks Cindy, I just love sunrises, the trees along the dry creek block views of the sunsets. Most of the time I get to see sunrises on the way to work, and my coffee is in the truck. Dave sounds great to me, but I'd have to have a screen room here as the mosquitoes will carry you off. The dry creek along my property line has several spots that water stands in and breeds them. I haven't seen the turkeys in a while, hope the deer hunters haven't gotten them. Hey you could have a small vacation cabin on Terra Nova Gardens.

nebraska dave
12/2/2011 6:44:52 PM

Mary, you have captured some wonderful photos of the sunrises where you live. It difficult for me to see a sunrise from my house. The street is covered with trees and blocks the view. Since my house faces south, it's really hard to see any kind of sun rise or sun set. Yeah, I know they are out there and I watch the light become brighter and brighter from my computer room window but nary a glimpse of a sunrise do I see. If I could get over to Terra Nova Gardens there is a clear view to the East which would be an awesome thing to see a sunrise. When I get things started maybe there's an overnight stay in the plan which could involve a sunrise. It would be just me, Big Tom turkey, and the girls. What do you think? ;0) Have a great sunrise day.

cindy murphy
12/1/2011 10:12:39 PM

Gorgeous photos, Mary. Don't you just love sunrises? Every morning, summer or winter, I go out on my front porch with a cup of coffee to watch the sun come up. I wouldn't miss it for the world. I hope your knee heals nicely, and that your recovery is a quick and painless one.