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Pallet Wine Rack

Completed wine rack 

I absolutely love my pallet re-purposed into a wine rack that hangs on the wall. I can not stand having things on my counter to 'wash' around constantly so this helps out a lot! Click through the pics to see the process and notes!

Cut apart the pallet 

Cut apart the pallet the second board up (on the backside).

Adding the bottom board 

Take one of the 'pallet boards' off the remaining pallet piece and attach to the bottom of the wine rack (nail both sides with 2 nails for support).

 Palm Sanding 

Sand the rough edges off the rack. I kept some ridges as I wanted it to look rustic.


I used a torch to increase the look of the wood grain. Again, going for the rustic look so adding the burnt graining will come through after staining more.

 Staining with old rag 

Wearing gloves, stain the rack with an old rag. Dip into stain (I used black walnut). Be sure to get all the cracks and crevices inside. After staining, let dry in a 60 degree F minimum area for 24 hours. Coat with a polyurethane. Let dry another 24 hours or longer until completely dry. Add hanging hooks to the back (your preference for the specific weight from you local hardware store).

 Completed wine rack 

Completed wine rack with all your favorite wines, NOT on the counter anymore :)
*Note: you can use this for storing other than wine bottles. Vinegars, oils, etc.

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nebraska dave
3/7/2013 5:25:30 AM

Meg, I live in Nebraska and we dodged that last storm Saturn. Hopefully, we won't be getting any more snow and only rain. It's supposed to be 57 here on Saturday. The tulips are up about an inch so spring can't be far away. Have a great Minnesota day. I spent many days in my youth fishing in Minnesota.

meg with modern roots
3/7/2013 3:22:15 AM

What state are you in? We are in MN and we just got another foot+ of snow :/ Can't wait to get outside!

nebraska dave
3/6/2013 11:09:43 PM

Meg, pallets are a great free resource to recycle into all kinds of things. I've finally finished up 30 feet of fence panel. Now all I have to do is hit it with a belt sander to knock off the rough stuff; slap a couple coats of primer on them; and finish off with some exterior semi gloss paint. Then I can start to paint on the garden graffiti. (Big sigh) It's killing me to have to wait for an above 50 degree day to do the painting. Hopefully, they will start coming real soon. Have a great pallet recycling day.