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Packing for Canaan

Pauline HyltonIt’s not often that a man calls and asks to come to your house to give you a large check.

As we sat at the dining room table discussing the sale of our boat and a business that had been ours for over 30 years, it seemed surreal.

Yet, it’s what we prayed for.




I told my 25-year-old daughter. She cried.

I told my 22-year-old son. He asked, “How much?”

After over three decades as a fisherman’s wife, I’m transferring to a farmer’s wife.

God called us out of our “Ur.” We’re moving to Canaan.

As farmers.

That’s what faith is about. Trusting. Obeying. Sometimes pulling up everything you’ve ever known and moving.

We’re doing that.


Tom’s both smiling and trembling at the same time.

The house in Ur still belongs to us, but I’m thinking we’ll be in North Carolina by summer.

James Taylor’s song is running through my mind and my heart.