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Now Serving Deer

Attention rural nonprofits!

If you want to advertise an event to drivers navigating even a rural byway, take my advise and use BIG lettering - and not too many words!

I've been drivin' by the California Deer Association's poster promoting the 'Animal Banquet' (...or, could it be 'Annual Banquet'??) for weeks now.

For the life of me I can't make out the (much smaller) third line which could EITHER say 'serving deer' or 'saving deer'. Take your pick.

It's clear, in this case, that size DOES matter.

If it's an 'Animal Banquet Serving Deer', I'm IN.

If it's an 'Annual Banquet' for the purpose of SAVING deer, in my humble opinion (and those of my esteemed gardener neighbors in our small town) - thank you for the invite, but we're a tad overrrun with largess already.

However - we'd be HAPPY to donate deer to your cause.

Out here in our rural community, the donations are strictly 'catch 'n carry'.


Just sayin'...