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No Time to Waste: I Want My Life to Count!

"What do you do with a couple of hours to waste? Hmmm…even though I just finished a round a golf this morning, I think I'll head back to the course and work on making all my 5-footers..."

This was a post from a friend of mine who obviously has a lot of spare time on his hands. He is not working right now. He’s trying to figure out what he wants to do for the rest of his life. So for now he does a lot of golfing.

Now I too enjoy golfing. And I believe in taking time for relaxing endeavors.

But still, I was struck by his question as to what he should do as he had "a couple of hours to waste."

To waste?

While we all need to have down time, if we find out that we have a lot of spare time on our hands we have some choices to make.

Life is too short--too full of opportunities--to waste any part of it.

The first choice is to just use the time up…indeed, just waste it. Fill in the time: watch a rerun, do something over again—do anything at all--to just pass the time.

My opinion? What a waste.

The second choice is to stay busy living. When I started out in my adult life, I had a plan. While the plan has taken many detours with twists and changes, I’ve always tried to make my life count and be relevant to myself, family and friends.

I have never had any time to "waste time." Now don't get me wrong; there is certainly a place for "down time," and we all need it.

I am talking more of an attitude of just existing instead of living deliberately.  

I have "retired" from what I was doing professionally (developing and building on large properties), but at the time of that major change, I decided that I didn't want to sit back and rock away my life.

I wanted the second half of my life to count as well.

So Marie and I deliberately spent time planning and discussing what our future would look like. We decided to move to a rural area and become farmer/ranchers.

Now, we grow things. My life is different now, but my passion for what I am doing is just as intense as it was before. I just couldn't see myself on the golf course half of my life, biding my time till I am done and so bored that I drift away.

Now I live a very purposeful rural-based life, farming and ranching--and helping others discover if this lifestyle is right for them as well. Being a farmer (part time or full time) is not for everyone, but it is hugely rewarding. 

tractor grandpa

Marie and I are very involved with the agricultural community, and our past experiences are bringing some fresh ideas to this area. We work with others, helping them with things that we have done or are learning about.

On a personal level, we are investigating some new businesses as well, including starting a feed mill and a poultry hatchery.

Wow, this is some cool new stuff, and we will certainly not be bored!

So, when your plan or circumstances take you out of your original passion or career, and you are looking for something new, don't settle for "time wasting " in life. What you have to give and contribute is too vital and important to those around you.

Take a leap, and continue to make your life count.

Of course, you will need to have an occasional round of golf mixed in… 

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