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Merry Christmas from the Hooligans (Oh, and Mary)

 hooligans Christmas card 2011 

The last few days have really been up and down and have put a damper on Christmas. My Sister-in-Law Joy’s Mom died Friday night and the funeral was Sunday. Saturday I went to Helen Keller’s birthplace to take pictures of the Christmas decorations. My sister Linda is in the hospital and I hope she gets well enough to go home before Christmas.   

This after noon, I stopped at the 3 way stop near my house, and noticed a three or four month old kitten looking at me from the ditch.  I rolled down my window and asked what it was doing, and that was all it needed as it came running, then here comes another one and then another.  Last year around this time I had a similar experience with dumped puppies. I saw this one and stopped, got out and called.  It came running and I put it in the back of my truck. Then another one showed up and I repeated the process of putting it in the back of my truck a total of six puppies.  Back to the kittens, I got out, picked up one and the other two are running around my feet, and I’m wondering what I was going to do with them.  The hooligans don’t like cats so taking them home wasn’t an option. I threw the first one in the back seat of my truck, turned around and went after another, while the first one jumps out of the open front door and runs after me.  After doing this round robin routine for what seem like ten minutes or longer, I rolled the window down, closed the door and threw the first in, then the second and finally the third.  Now I’m outside and three kittens are standing up looking out the window. Finally I was able to open the door, hold all three in and get in.  Now I’m sitting in my truck with two cats in my lap purring and rubbing on me and one is under my feet.  I called Sonny & Bob my neighbors who have cats and asked for a cage and cat food. Sonnie said she wasn’t coming out and look at them as she didn’t need anymore cats.  She had Bob bring the cage and food out.  We managed to get all three in the cage and I decided to take them and put them in the drop off cages at the shelter.  I felt like a dog while taking them out of the cage and putting them in one of the shelters cages. They were still purring and rubbing on me. 

When I got home, walked in the back door, threw my shoes and stepped in wet. Water was everywhere. I ran and got a bunch of towels and put them down and turned on the light with a wooden yard stick so I could see where the water was coming from as it was standing in the middle of the room.  I started sopping up with the towels under an old late 1800’s tiger walnut sideboard and a felt cold spray under the sideboard.  When I pulled it away from the wall, I saw the hole in the wall where a pipe comes from the water heater in other room.  When I turned off the hot water cut off on top of the heater, the spray stopped. I dried my feet, and flipped the breaker off with the yard stick.  At least I have cold water until I can get a plumber out.  After taking a shower, I’m wide awake now. 

 Blackie 4855 

 I wish everyone a Merry and Blessed Christmas from my family and the hooligans.  I might be a little inconvenient, but its minor compared to what some of our service personnel are experiencing and those who don’t know where their next meal is coming from. 

 I would like to share a story how we found out how Santa got into our house without a chimney to come down and this years Christmas card I sent out to my family and friends along with a copy of their letter to Santa on the back along with some of the pictures I took while trying to make the card. 

I would like to wish whoever dumped the kittens out in the cold for the coyotes to have the same Merry Christmas your kittens are having. 

 Blackie 4862 

   Blackie 4867 

   Blackie is not happy 

 The Christmas we found out how Santa gets into our house 

My siblings and I grew up on an active dairy farm in NW Alabama.  Dad would get up early milk, bottle it and then head out on his milk route. In the afternoon, they would hit the fields, come home to milk the cows, and come in late, so we didn’t get to see much of my Dad.  It is rare that Alabama gets snow, much less a white Christmas, but this year in the early sixties we got snow on Christmas Eve! 

Christmas morning we went out to play in the snow and there in the snow were two sled tracks, small hoof prints in between the tracks going across the yard stopping short of the basement door.  We also found Santa’s boot prints going to the door.  At last!! We found the answer how Santa got into our house without a chimney!  He came up through the floor furnace!  

Years later we found out that the boot prints were those of my Dad going to the basement to bring out a hidden merry go round, which explained the sled tracks.  The melted out hoof prints turned out to be the dogs following behind Dad. Our parents had spent half the night putting together the merry go round in the kitchen and then had to get up early to milk. 

 Patches can you believe she is doing it again 

   Levi is not happy 4872 

   Almost off 

   Patches and Levi 4904 

   Patches and Levi 4908 

   Patches and Levi 4913 

   Patches giving me a watchful eye 

 This is the greeting inside of the card:

Merry Christmas from the hooligans! 

Mom decided to that we needed to make a Christmas card again this year. After we nixed Christmas bows last year, we thought she wouldn’t try anything this year, but no she decided that we were going to wear Santa hats. We had other ideas. She even got Grandma to help. We kept them busy for a while and gave them the run around, especially when Patches ran off with the hat.  After Mom chased her around for a bit she gave up.

We hope you have a Merry Christmas,

Blackie, Levi and Patches, oh, and Mary. 

   Patches 4955 

   Patches 4949 

   Patches giving me the evil eye again 

   Patches 4877 

Hooligans letter to Santa: 

Dear Santa, 

We’ve been very good doggies this year.  Mom hurt her knee last April, and we tried to help her weed by digging holes around the yard.  Mom said we dug the holes too deep and also dug up the good plants along with the weeds.  She didn’t explain to us the difference between a good weed and a bad one. They all look the same to us.  We kept telling Blackie not to dig around a couple of trees after mice because Mom told us not to last year, but she wouldn’t listen.  Patches ran and told Mom and got Blackie in trouble.  Patches really enjoyed that. Blackie had surgery in October for bladder stones as she refused to eat that nasty food to get rid of them.  Mom had knee surgery the middle of November. She’s been walking around with a couple of sticks under her arms. Grandmother has been feeding us and when we really act like we are starving she’ll give us a little more than Mom.  After all that’s what Grandmothers are for aren’t they?  Anyway Santa, please bring us some chew bones and another one of those tires with the rope on it. We lost the two you brought us last year.  Also bring us another one of those roll around play balls. Blackie left it the front yard and Mom accidently ran over it with her tractor. 

 Levi I feel so stupid 

   Patches 4879 

   Patches 4897 

    Patches 4901 

   Mary is not getting this back  Bah humbug 


mary carton
12/23/2011 1:04:33 AM

Pam I think I just read your name in the paper again taking on something else on the state board of education. You have Merry and Blessed Christmas. Love you back.

pam doyle
12/23/2011 12:56:04 AM

As always, you have so many irons in the fire!!! Merry Christmas. I so enjoyed the recap of a very active year and rightfully so, my life is dull in comparison! Hope you are doing well. Give your mom a hug for me. Love you girl. Pam

mary carton
12/22/2011 4:38:55 PM

Thanks Cindy, my sister got out this morning. Merry Christmas and Happy New Years to you and your family, and best wishes for next year. Speaking of the hooligans, I still haven't done my shopping for them.

mary carton
12/22/2011 4:35:26 PM

Thanks Dave. We are having some of the same issues here that folks are giving up their long time pets due to financial issues. Our shelter has a Facebook page that is just full of adoptable pets, many pure bred. As one who was a member of our Humane Society when they had a shelter, at least 300 a month are put down. These cats were so friendly which was unusual for dumped cats that I think they'll get adopted. My house isn’t that old. The hole in the wall is just above the baseboard, so I wonder if the pipe was nicked when the baseboard was nailed on and the nick finally gave way. I’m waiting for the plumber to show up now. The hooligans always make a game of whatever they do. Have a Merry Christmas Dave.

nebraska dave
12/22/2011 3:40:56 PM

Mary, an old house can be an interesting and challenging place to live. Can't it? At least you know where to shut off the water. I certainly sorry to hear about the death in your extended family. It's always difficult to have that memory connected to the holiday season. You are such a rescuer of abandoned animals. I know the feeling about taking animals to the shelter. I've had to help a couple single gal friends take their cats to the shelter because they were moving due to financial difficulty and couldn't take their cats with them. It's heart wrenching to watch some one give up their pet of several years because they just can't afford to keep them. We can only hope and wish they found good homes. At least we have a shelter that doesn't euthanise them unless they are just too old or have health issues that can't be corrected. Our shelter here has some pretty strict rules about adoption as well. It's very sad what some people will do to animals. It looks as though your hooligans are having a great time during this Christmas season. But of course they have a great time what ever they are doing. Don't they? Perhaps we humans should learn how to have joy in all that we do. What do you think? The hooligan Santa letter was great. Have a great Christmas and a wonderful New Year.

cindy murphy
12/22/2011 2:08:24 PM

Oh, Mary! I'm sorry your last few days have been so rough! I hope for you things take a turn for the better; that your sister is on the mend, and released from the hospital in time to spend Christmas with your family. Wishing you and yours (to include the hooligans, of course) the best the season has to offer.