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Meet the New Calves

November brought several new additions to the farm. We keep a small herd of Dexter cattle, and four of our cows delivered calves in November. I thought I would introduce you to the new members of the herd!


Pixie Stix was the first calf to be born. A big, strong healthy dun! She shows lots of independence, and is always very curious about me and the camera.


Harry was the second calf to be born in November. He needed a little encouragement to find his mama's udder, but once he learned where 24/7 snacks could be found, he was good to go.


Princess delivered her calf third, and we were so happy to see that she delivered a heifer! All of Princess's other babies have been bulls, so for her to deliver a heifer was a wonderful surprise! Princess Grace (PG for short) is the biggest and heaviest of all the calves. She will grow into a beautiful cow, just like her mother.


The fourth calf to join the farm family in November was Riblet. He is most definitely the smallest of all the calves, but he seemed to have the most spunk, right from the beginning.

Welcome to the farm little ones!

nebraska dave
12/2/2010 3:25:30 PM

@Anna, Ha, I see you changed the name of Dumbo to Harry. I like Harry better. He seems to be a healthy young bull so the confusing start in life hasn’t really been to his detriment. You have the beginning of a fine herd of cattle. What will you do with the two bull calves? They are so cute when they are just born aren’t they? Do you have any more cows with calf to add to the new life on the farm? Good luck with all you animal endevours. Have a great day on the farm.