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Milking Supplies (That You May Not Think Of!)

Green Eggs and GoatsI went this weekend and stocked up on supplies for the milk room! No, I didn't go to Tractor Supply, or my local feed store. I went to the Dollar General down the street.

No, really!

I'm trying to make a conscious effort to have a more organized milk room this season, so that started with a trip to the DG for items to make my milking time more comfortable. Most of these are things I've realized that I needed slowly over time, rather than the standard milk room supplies like the bucket, strip cup, lactating animal, and things like that.

Milking Supplies

So, from left to right, here we go ...

So, there you have it. A list of things to make your milk room more comfortable. I'll be posting more about the milk room and milking in general in the near future.

Can you think of anything I've forgotten? I'm always looking for ways to make milking easier on everyone!

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