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Join Me: The Purina 60 Day See The Difference Challenge

A Red Pine Mountain LogoWhen I think of homesteading, I think of animals.  Do you have a flock of laying hens?  A couple of horses in the pasture?  Perhaps you are raising cattle or sheep or goats, rabbits or pigs?  Whatever the kind of animals you have on your homestead, if you're like me the health of your animals is of prime importance.  And, good health starts with good feed.  I also want my feed to be cost effective.  To me that means my animals must enjoy and eat the food (I have some very picky eaters) and the food should be a quality product at an affordable price.

When the opportunity presented itself for Red Pine Mountain blog to participate in the Purina 60 Day See The Difference Challenge, I was excited and I hope after I explain it to you, you'll be excited as well. 

Here's a synopsis of The Purina 60 Day See The Difference Challenge according to Purina's website:

"Try Purina feed for 60 days and you'll see the difference in your animals or we'll buy back the feed."

Wow, not only will Purina buy back the feed if you don't see a difference in your animals but they also provide great money saving coupons to help with purchase costs.  And, if you decide you love the Purina feeds (I sure do), you can enroll in their Purina Difference Seasonal Rewards program and receive additional money savings coupons on feed with every season.

I thought the Purina 60 Day See The Difference Challenge sounded like a great opportunity and I decided to switch my flock and my herd of horses to Purina feeds.

My hens have had a busy spring hatching and raising babies and to be honest, they looked a little ragged from their efforts.  I decided to start them on Purina Layena Sun Fresh Recipe.  Layena Sun Fresh Recipe appealed to me because it is made from natural plant based ingredients and is free of animal proteins and animal fats.  But the big question was would my picky flock eat it.  They've been known to turn up their beaks at many a feed.  Was I amazed when I discovered they love it.  They ran right over to their feed trough and ate as if they were piglets.  And most importantly, within a month of eating the Layena, my hens were back in peak condition with lustrous feathers and they were once again laying tasty eggs.

After I had so much success with the Purina Layena Sun Fresh Recipe, I  decided to purchase the Purina Flock Block.  I had tried other blocks before and my chickens did enjoy them but they blocks disappeared so quickly, they just weren't cost effective.  The Purina Flock Block is a large, substantial 25 pound block that not only contains healthy ingredients but also contains oyster shell and grit.  The Purina Flock Block encourages flocks to use their natural pecking instincts on the block and not on each other and helps to reduce cannibalism. Cannibalism in chickens is perhaps not a topic one likes to discuss but now that I have so many chickens, I can tell you first hand if you don't provide an outlet for pecking, they do turn on each other.

I also decided to try the Purina Miniature Horse and Pony Diet formulated with the nutritional needs of minis in mind.  I can honestly say everyone who sees my minis remarks on their gleaming coats now that they've been on the Purina Miniature Horse and Pony Diet. 

Not only do you get fabulous coupons and outstanding results with Purina feeds, you also get bi-weekly emails from Purina with health and feeding tips and forms to download to track your animal's progress over the Purina 60 Day See the Difference Challenge.  And if you need additional assistance or information, their website is packed with helpful information and even has a section where you can "Ask The Expert."  And no matter the type of animal you have or their nutritional needs, you can find a Purina feed that will work for your feeding situation.

Now that I've given you an overview of the Purina 60 Day See the Difference Challenge, I hope you'll decide to participate with me.  You have nothing to lose with Purina's buy back guarantee and your animals have everything to gain.

You can sign up for the Purina 60 Day See The Difference Challenge by going to:

After you sign up, please let me know in the comments section and I also hope you'll share your results with me as well either in the comments below or on my Facebook page at 

And as an extra bonus, next week, I'll be hosting a giveaway of two Flip video cameras courtesy of Purina.  If you don't have a Flip video camera, you have to enter this giveaway.  I carry my Flip video camera everywhere with me.  It is small in size but it takes wonderful videos and still pictures as well.  Now, I know lots of you are still dreaming about homesteading and don't yet have your animals so the giveaway will be open to one and all.

I hope you are as excited by the Purina 60 Day See the Difference Challenge as I am.