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Is This Recycling or Composting?

I just hate to throw away things that could be re-used!  Awhile back I realized that my husband's office was throwing away about a trash bag full of shredded papers per week.  This seemed like a waste to me, so he started bringing them home.

 Paper Shreds 

3 Bags of Paper Shreds Were Heading to the Dumpster 

At first I was just adding them to our compost bin when it looked too wet, and they were working great, but he was bringing them home faster than I could use them.  One day we needed bedding in our large dog crate.  We used the paper shreds and the wheels in my head started turning! 

Recently, I needed to add more bedding to the deep litter in our goat barn.  Usually I use wheat straw, old hay or pine shavings, but instead I had a great idea!

 Shreds in the Barn 

Say "Hi" to Daisy the Goat! 

It now looks like it snowed in the barn, but the goats have fresh, clean, soft bedding, and 3 bags of paper shreds didn't go to the landfill and are now on their way to becoming great compost.  Score one for me!  My mom is now also saving her shreds for me and I'm thinking about asking for a shredder for Christmas.  If you have paper shreds that need a use, why not use them in your barn or as mulch in your own garden!  They are a wonderful, but often forgotten resource.

The moral of the story is to really think before you throw things away!  Your trash may just be a country girl's delight!

Oh, and yes, in case you were wondering, I am so thrifty that I carefully untied the bags and later stashed them under the kitchen sink to be re-used in the trash can!   

Update:  The shreds have been down in both the barn and the chicken coop for more than a month now, and I have been adding more as I get them.  They are well mixed in with the other litter and the barn is a dry as I have seen it.  Whenever it looks a little too compacted, I just throw a couple of handfuls of scratch out and the chickens fluff it right up!    

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