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Introducing Beulah Belle the Jersey Cow

It isn't my fault!  My husband sent me a link to a tractor on Craigslist that was listed (incorrectly) at a crazy-low price.   While researching said tractor, I just happened to see an ad for a Jersey cow located near me.  I got the go-ahead from Eric to call the guy, and she sounded like a great addition to our farm.  I went to see her and the kids and I fell in love.  We had a family meeting that night and it was settled.  We were going to buy a cow!  (You see that it wasn't my fault this time, right??)

We had to wait a couple of days, because we don't have a trailer to haul her, but our wonderful neighbor agreed to go with us Saturday morning and pick her up.

It has basically been raining since we got her, but my neighbor snapped this picture right after we got home... 

Beulah Belle 

She milks like a champ and is currently giving just under 4 gallons of milk per day!  We are drowning in milk, but having a ton of fun learning about keeping and milking a cow. 


And the cream!!!  Oh the cream!  Never in my wildest dreams did I envision such a cream line on milk.  It is a lovely buttery yellow color, so it is easy to see and skim off, and the butter and whipped cream we have made so far are out of this world!! 

  cream line 

All in all, I'm glad I had the goats to ease me into this milking thing, or else the cow might be very overwhelming.  For the record, I have NO idea what I'll do when the goats kid and I have 3 goats in milk as well as Beulah, but I'll cross that bridge when I get there.  It will just be another part of the adventure, or, as my dear friend Kate says, the resplendent spiral!   

What about you, have you ever kept a milk cow?

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