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I Stand Corrected

You might have read my post last week in which I talked about our new bulk chicken feeder.  And by “new” I mean “really old weaning pig feeder that we turned into a chicken feeder”.  This is it:

DIY Budget Chicken Feeder

I also said this, “[Matt] also drove posts on both sides and mounted scrap pieces of hog panels, leaving only a small “doorway” for the chickens to enter and exit.  This allows us to turn goats into the chicken run periodically to eat down the tall grass and weeds without them enjoying a chicken feed lunch.”


We happened to turn a few does into the chicken run over the weekend.  You know, to eat down the weeds and not eat chicken feed.  This is what I saw the next morning:

Goat stuck in chicken feeder

What??  Why??  

Her sister was confused.  (For reference, the goat in the feeder is a little bigger than the goat standing outside of the feeder):

Ornery goats

And the chickens were NOT happy:

Goat in the chicken feeder

In reference to mouse-proofing, I always heard that if a mouse could get it's head through a hole that his body would fit also....I suppose the same thing applies for goats.