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Hubbard Life Delivers Expert Advice with High Quality Nutrition

HubbardPet and livestock owners looking for high quality animal nutrition backed by expertise and support can now rely on newly released Hubbard Life products to feed the companion animals they care for.

Hubbard Feeds, Inc. introduces a fresh look featuring refined nutrition with their rural lifestyle line of feed that provides nutritionally superior and optimally balanced food for dogs, cats, equine and poultry.

Formulated by a team of leading nutritionists, Hubbard Life products deliver high quality protein, minerals and nutrients to meet the growth, performance and health needs of animals. Healthy coats, strong skin and joints, robust immune systems, vigor and energy to enjoy life are what owners provide their pets and livestock by feeding Hubbard Life products.

Nutrition is the foundation of the Hubbard Life package, but consumers can expect a lot more. A website is devoted to enhancing consumers’ experiences with their animals at With a staff that includes some of the nation’s top nutritionists and technicians, pet and livestock owners have direct access to expertise and support from qualified professionals.

“Hubbard Life is designed to be a lifestyle package for animal lovers who want to feed with a purpose,” said Doug Pamp, Lifestyle Product Manager for Hubbard Life. “What makes Hubbard Life unique is this high quality feed product is supported by a network of folks who understand how to take care of the animal and are willing to answer questions and solve problems.”

Tips and tools are freely offered on the website along with an interactive blog written by Hubbard Life nutritionists and sales representatives who not only are knowledgeable about animal nutrition but raise pets and animals themselves.

“Our animal experts understand the emotional bond between an owner and their animal is special,” Pamp said. “They can relate to customers who want optimal nutrition for their companion animals and will provide consumers with feeding solutions that matter.”

The Hubbard Life line includes six evaluated and reformulated dog products and one cat food; seven proven equine products and six Hubbard Life Homestead® poultry products that are made with only natural ingredients.

Hubbard’s commitment to quality, support and product assurance is what current and new customers can expect from the Hubbard Life product line.

“My promise to our customers is that the Hubbard Life products have been evaluated, verified and reformulated when necessary based on the latest information, science and technology,” Pamp said. “It’s our responsibility as a company to balance what a customer wants and needs in a pet and animal feed product.”

Hubbard Life products are available to Hubbard dealers starting October 17. To find a Hubbard Life retailer, visit to access a searchable database of dealers.

“Hubbard has a long history as a trusted brand with quality products,” Pamp said. “The dog, cat, equine and poultry products are our initial rollout for our Hubbard Life line. Our commitment is long term and a complete offering is coming in 2012 that not only includes pet and companion animals, but sheep, goats, game birds, small mammals and more.”

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