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Horse Power: Our Russ-Stick Plan

Zip the dog watches her Boss leave the property.

A coffee with the horsesRustic Russ and I have been kicking around a plan for quite some time now.

It’s not a “green” plan, per se. 

It’s our plan. 

Equine travel

It’s about using horse power to get where we want to go.

The kind of horse power that comes with a tail.

Dog sled takes you there.

And dog power. 


Depending on the season.

Buggy or Saddle, either way will get us there.

Sure, it may take a little longer.

Good things usually do.

Slower, but we'll get there.

And there may be times we need to lean on the support of folks – and pay for a special trip – just like the Amish.

But it won’t be often.

Do not let your heart be troubled, lean on me.

Truth be told, everything we need is right here.

No need to leave home.

On “our 40.”

At Russ-Stick Acres.

Farewell to modern society.

So, come along for the ride, and watch us plan to go backwards in time.

Until tomorrow ~ God willing,


sherry 'woodswoman'
10/7/2009 11:27:33 AM

Thank you for the nice comments Cindy and Vickie. We're excited to move forward. Yesterday I visited an Amish-like family who uses horse power for plowing and carting into town. They will add to the inspiration for our goal.

10/5/2009 3:44:41 AM

Sherry, I love your plan --everything you need does look like it's right there. A very pretty place. vickie

cindy murphy
10/4/2009 12:00:40 PM

Good luck with your plan, Sherry. It's a commendable journey and I'm looking forward to following you and Rustic Russ on your adventure.