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Hogz and Dogz Piggery Back in Business

Sunrise at Russ-Stick Acres

God gently nudges me awake each morning.


He wants me to see what he has created.

A Russ-Stick Acres sunrise

I smile.

“This is the day which the LORD has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it.” Psalm 118:24

Today I have even more to smile about.

It’s my hubby’s birthday.

And, we are getting piglets.

We picked up three little grub muffins from a local farm, over by AC (Animal Control) Ellen’s place.

Of course we had to stop at Ellen’s on the way home, since we were in the neighborhood.

We caught her doing farm chores and ready for a coffee break and farm talk.

She took a peek at our six-week old gilts riding in the back of the truck.

These gals were caked with dirt and mud.




Rosie the pigg


Yes, Hogz & Dogz Piggery is up and running again.

After seeing Lucy and Ethel, we both came to the conclusion, right on the spot, that we miss raising our own little squeeky clean piggies.

So Rustic Russ got his wallet back out and we purchased Rosie as a third, to raise as a future Mama.

We will start anew with Rosie being our “gilt-turned-sow” come winter.

A suitable boar will be located when the time comes.

Welcome home Rosie.

And Lucy (aka “bulk sausage”) and Ethel (aka “sausage link”).

Until tomorrow ~ back in the pig business ~ God willing,