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Highlights from Our Trip to West Virginia

Brent and LeAnna Alderman StersteWe are just returning from a week-long trip to my hometown in West Virginia where we spent the week relaxing at our rented cabin in the woods.

The first part of the week was rather gray, but we had a couple of glorious days, which we managed to fill with visiting family and friends and introducing the girls to some baby animals.

Ella and a baby goat

Ella loved feeding the baby goats at my aunt and uncle’s house.

Mabel meets a chicken

Mabel was more excited about the chickens. As soon as she was introduced to this chicken, she started kicking her legs and doing her happy dance – a baby after her daddy’s heart. 

Instruments hung for sale

Of course, we had to make a stop at Brent’s favorite hardware store C.J. Richardson’s where they sell everything from copper apple butter kettles to fiddles. At Thanksgiving my mom follows Brent around and picks out all of his Christmas presents here. 

On one of our last nights, we built a bonfire under an amazing starry sky and roasted the homemade marshmallows we made for Easter. A wonderful trip all told.