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Getting to Know Us

A photo of Mountain WomanHow did I find myself on Red Pine Mountain? For years, I was a Navy wife, moving from duty station to duty station, never staying long enough in one place to put down roots. I have no regrets. It’s wonderful to serve our country and the friends I have made and the places I’ve lived have enriched my life beyond measure. But my husband was killed, and after a while, I knew I wanted another relationship. But how to find someone when you’re middle aged and not interested in the dating scene? The answer was Eharmony, and when I read the profile of my Mountain Man, I knew he was the one for me.

Mountain Man has lived in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont on a 300 acre mountaintop farm for the past 30 years. Divorced many years ago, he was also searching for someone who shared his love of rural life. You would think that would be easy, but it wasn’t. Most women turned and ran as soon as they found themselves miles from the blacktop road and even farther from a city with the requisite shopping mall. But not me. I was entranced. And now I find myself married to an incredible man and living my dreams of raising animals, riding horses and learning to garden.

But what about my Mountain Man? He’s a logger and a craftsman. And one of the things I love about him is his great respect for the land. He knows we do not really own our farm but are stewards of the land responsible to the generations after us.

And with the timber he so carefully logs, he builds timber framed structures, and at the moment, he’s building a barn for me and my hay burners (his name for horses).

I thought you might enjoy watching the flooring made.

The red pine logs at the log landing. They will become the flooring for my barn.

Red Pine logs at our log landing.

Running the logs through the sawmill.

Running the logs through the sawmill

The lumber set out to dry.

Sawn boards set out to dry.

Running the flooring through the four sided planer.

Running boards through the four-sided planer.

Installing the flooring.

Installing the barn floor.

Almost finished.

Almost finished laying the floor

But does my Morgan horse, Khrysta, approve?

Khrysta, my Morgan mare, cheks out the new flooring.

Yes, she’s quite happy with her new accommodations, and so am I.