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From City Lot to Country Acreage: A Pictorial Retrospective

 A tiny bungalow in Akron  

 From my teeny little city lot in Ohio... 

 blue sky views 

to expansive views that stretch for miles in Kansas. 

Next week will mark 3 years since I left my city life behind for a very rural existence in south central Kansas.  Any regrets, you ask?  My answer: None whatsoever!!  Who in the world wouldn't want to trade a postage stamp sized city lot for 27 acres of rural life?!  Three years later, I can't imagine living in the city ever again.

I traded my view of the neighbor's house to views like this...

putting up hay 

and this....


and this. 


 Three years later, I'm still mesmerized by our "forever" views out here on the Kansas prairie.

No tall buildings to block my view of spectacular sunsets and sunrises that make me want to pinch myself - is this for real?

 Do I really live here?

pond sunrise 

windmill sunrise 

  purple sunset 

In Ohio, we got lots and lots (and lots) of lake-effect snow.

Ohio snow 

Snowed in!  -Ohio city lot. 

 Kansas snow storms create fantastically beautiful landscape vistas, unlike any my city neighborhood could deliver.

snowy pond 

A serene snowy sunrise in Kansas. 

a frosty horse
A frosty mare.  

snowy Ringo  

 A snowy chocolate lab. 

 frosty tree break 

A frosty tree break. 

And I've seen creatures out here I would NEVER have seen in Ohio...

barn owl 

This young barn owl snuck into our shop and became entangled in fly tape. 

 It was quite an adventure for us to get a blanket over him and untangle the fly tape off him!

bull snake 

Large bull snake in back yard - it's best to wear your Muck boots out here.

wolf spider 

A large wolf spider reminds me again -  wear my Muck boots and not my flip-flops.

engorged tick 

My first experience with ticks - they are truly disgusting!

barn swallows 

Barn swallows guard their babies.

baby starlings 

A mama starling feeds her babies.

mama longhorn 

I never tire of watching our neighbor's longhorn cattle and checking out the new babies each year.

And finally, the view from our back yard. 

horses in our back yard 

 So my 3 year retrospective just reminds me how lucky I am to live in such a beautiful landscape. It would truly be difficult for me to ever return to city living again.  I am content to live the rest of my days here in the country.