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For Trade: 1 Moose 4 10 Chickens

An article in today's newspaper pointed out that apparently (and surprisingly) Utah (the state of) is suffering from an overabundance of moose.

Silly me: I pictured the entire state as a kind of desert with a few amazing rock formation parks called Bryce and Zion - with surely nothing much 'extra' to trade. But apparently, faced with a sudden plethora of moose, Utah opted to put out the word about a possible trade opportunity involving said largess.

Myself, I have 10 chickens up for grabs.

Actually, they live nextdoor.

Specifically, we're talkin' ALL ROOSTERS: a fact that my urban-transplant neighbor only discovered when, after a year of incessant crowing, eggs were NOT forthcoming.

Utah, MY offer is 'catch 'n carry'. Might I presume the same could be said of your Utah Moose Exchange Program?

Or, given their size, is moose catchin' and carryin' INCLUDED in the trade arrangement?

Nonetheless - I have 10 healthy non-hens to offer up. The potential for a positive return on THIS exchange ONLY requires an addition 10 hens on Utah's part, and away you go.

What do I want with a moose, might you ask??

Well, DUH - I'll be the ONLY one in my rural community to boast of a moose in The Back 40.  Because there are NO mooses anywhere near where I live!

And, I'm chargin' admission....

So this idea should offer inspiration to ALL rural inhabitants: whether you harbor 'pests' or suddenly-unwanted domestics, there is ALWAYS a healthy trade opportunity on the horizon. 

Myself, I think 10 chickens for 1 moose is MORE THAN FAIR...


ONE of these....


...for TEN of these:

It's a virtual BARGAIN!