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Escaping Bummer Lambs - Part II

Sarah S HeadshotOur house is one of those that nobody comes to the front door unless they’re selling something or trying to change my religion. Everyone knows to come around back. So when there was a knock last week my first reaction was – Oh no, a lamb’s out again. Now, I just have to say that since the police officer episode, we haven’t had any lamb issues. But when I went to the door the conversation with the stranger went something like this. 

“Are those your sheep over there?”


“Let me guess, one of them is . . .” 

Pluto the lamb comes barreling up on the front porch and jumps on me almost making it into the living room. 

“Little Man, get my shoes.” 

“It can come in.” 

“Get my shoes.” As Pluto is clambering up my front trying to find a bottle. 

“Just bring it through the house.” 

“GET MY SHOES NOW!” I think the reporting party backed away slowly to a safe point and then started running. I threw a "Thank you" at his retreating back.Pluto behaving in the back yard 

“Which shoes do you want?” 

“I don’t care.” Did I mention that the reason the lamb was out was because it was blowing about 30 mph and I’m standing on the front porch in my t-shirt with a wet lamb doing its best to dry itself on me? 

The shoes finally arrived and I packed Pluto out to the pen. The wind was blowing the tarp roof of the pen violently, thereby lifting the corner of the pen enough that Pluto was able to walk right out. I put Pluto in his pen, grabbed a t-post and drove it into the ground. Got some tie-wire out of the shop and wired the corner of the pen down. I also did some reinforcing around the pen so it would hold up a little better in the wind. The nighbors just gotta love us. 

By the time I was done, I was soaked. I went to go in the house and the door was locked. I beat on the door in the sideways rain. Finally little man came and unlocked it.  

He laughs. “How come you didn’t come in the front door? It’s unlocked.”