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Egg Osmosis

This week we’re learning about osmosis. Little Man doesn’t fully understand the concept – however we found an AWESOME experiment to illustrate osmosis with items in our kitchen.  

Items you need: 

1 raw egg 

1 ½ cups vinegar 

1 ½ cups corn syrup 

Jar with lid 

String and ruler for measuring the egg 

We measured and made observations about the egg. It was a small white banty egg. We placed it gently in the jar and poured the vinegar over the top. By the next morning, the shell was dissolving. After 72 hours the shell was completely dissolved and after measuring the egg we found that it had gained an inch in diameter both the long way and the short way. The vinegar had reduced from 1 ½ cups to 1 1/3 cups.


Then came the next step. I rinsed out the jar and put the egg back in, this time with corn syrup. By the next morning the egg had visibly shrunk beyond its original size. We’re waiting 72 hours to determine the difference in the amount of syrup and to measure the egg. 

This was a super fun, very tactile and visual experiment that is great for kids of all ages. In addition, there were no special equipment needs. Hope you have a fun time with your experiments!