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Dog Power Rules at Russ-Stick Acres

Dog handler harnessing leader.

Our friend Francie is cart crazed. 

Dog anxious to run.

If it's got wheels and will roll, she's there!

Hooking up leaders.

Monday night, she needed a tad more power for her new rig.

Our Union fit the bill.

Cart takes off.

Francie's leader, Koyuk, appreciated having a sage leader, such as himself, by his side. 

Carting on dirt road.

And Union enjoyed a little stretch down the drive, through the trail and back.

Dog power with cart.

Next time, our Astro boy will join India in wheel. 

Four dogs pull cart.

That will make for a nice little 4-dog jaunt.

Sled dogs rest after pull.

A nice way to end an evening.  Treats upon return and lots of praise.

And next time, little Mac may even join them in the basket.  Toto style.

Treats for dogs.

Until tomorrow ~ keeping it simple ~ God willing,