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Dexter Calf Would Make Saint Paddy Proud

Dexter Calf Luna

A coffee with the horsesAll week at work, I was like a kid waiting for school to get out for the summer.

Finally, it’s the weekend.

First order of the day ~ Luna.

Our five-day old Irish Dexter calf.

(For more information on these adorable family cows, check out the GRIT article on Dexter cattle or the Purebred Dexter Cattle Association of North America.)

Dexter cow and calf

Good Mama Dixie.

Dexter calf in snow

Finally, temps above zero.

The sun is a welcome visitor to Russ-Stick Acres.

Dexter calf in the morning sun

One huge snow cone awaits.

Dexter calf tastes the snow

Happy, grinning, proud Papa.

Our registered Irish Dexter bull ~ Dexter’s Double Dippin’ Dudley the Studley.

Or Dudley.

Dexter bull Dudley

Shiny, strong, healthy, curious Luna.

We waited 9 long months for you.

Dexter calf Luna close-up

Luna enjoying the sun-drenched barn.

Dexter calf in the barn

Dixie ~ life returns to normal.

Dexter cow Dixie Luna's mom

Luna spending more time with older brother, D2.

Dexter bull calf

“Are you ready for me yet, Boss?” Zip in the shadows.

Herding dog Zip waiting for a chance to herd

Visitation over.

Rustic Russ escorts D2.

Back to some quality time with his father, Dudley.

Dexter bull and Russ

Zip wonders if she will get to herd them anytime soon.

She can only hope.

And wait.

Herding dog hoping to herd

Until tomorrow ~ God willing,