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Decorating Tips for the Country Home and Garden

By Lacy Razor 

Tags: farm, chickens, ducks,

Chickens on the front porch

When creating trendy outdoor living spaces... don't forget to give the chair rungs some flare.

Ducks and poults on the lawn

Break up the monotony of green grass with tasteful lawn ornaments.

Guinea eggs

Adding accents to flowerbeds keeps spaces interesting and also serve as a great places to hide your spare keys. Dual purpose landscape-design details are always a plus.

Ducks in the trough

A classic country item like a barrel or trough can easily be converted into a fountain. To keep water from becoming stagnant, it is a good idea to install a windmill water pump.

Bird on faucet

When updating your country kitchen, keep in mind that faucets are one of the most important components of your kitchen area. Select a faucet that is not only functional but also gives your kitchen a customized look especially when matched with a unique and stylish spout.

Lgan the dog on the carpet

If you choose to carpet the bedrooms of the house, be sure to select shades to compliment any color or style of furniture.

Chicken in the garage

The garage should be outfitted with workbench and storage. Artwork may be added to define the space. Remember to bring the outdoors in with elements of nature in every room.

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