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Coop Raising Day!

I had so much fun posting on my blog about our Triple Bunk Project, I thought I would post today about the last things my awesome friends and I built together...our chicken coop! 

 Chicken Coop 

 We got our plans from Harvey Ussery's website

 The Modern Homestead, and built them pretty much just like he said.  The same plan is also available in his book, The Small Scale Poultry Flock, which I recommend to all chicken owners!   

3 other families gave up their New Year's Eve (2011) to help us build a coop, but I think they all had a lot of fun in the process.  Aside from that, we coined several new terms such as "Chicken Perfect" and "Chickentastic" that we still use whenever we get together.    


 Erica in the coopEric screws 

Sparks Fly Heather with Coop 

 We have made a few small modifications to the coop over the year.  You'll notice in the picture at the top of the page that there is a smaller door.  This is because the goats could get right into this large door to eat the feed.  The basic plans, however are very sound and we have been pleased.   

This coop is basically where our chickens live in the warm months.  They are currently roosting in a barn stall that we modified into a coop, but once it gets warm they will go back to living in here.  The chickens mostly free-range during the day, but we move the coop about once a day to "fertilize" a new section every night. 

I hope you enjoyed our coop raising pictures.  Have a chickentastic day!

All photos are courtesy of the lovely Cristina Flanagan-Saunders!  

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