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Christmas Presents and Resolutions for the New Year

A photo of MaryI hope everyone had a Merry Christmas.  The hooligans enjoyed Christmas as Santa came to visit them.  They got some chew bones, a pull rope, and a tire with a rope.  When Patches saw the tire, her eyes just lit up and she grabbed it and just shook it whacking my legs.  She used to have one that was her favorite that disappeared. I don’t know if a visiting dog took off with it or if one of them buried it.

hooligans Christmas toys 

Me, Santa came and fixed my hot water pipe.  During the remodeling about five or six years ago when I added the utility room on to the house and moved my washer and dryer  into it, a finishing nail nicked the pipe when the baseboard was installed.  The weak spot finally blew and was spraying on an antique tiger walnut sideboard when I got home.  Santa will need to take care of my surgery bills now starting to come in after insurance settles. Christmas Eve I placed a bid on a 1915 post card of a trolley going across the Tennessee River on the old railroad bridge.  This was a neat bridge that had car traffic on the lower span and train traffic on the top.  The next morning with less than twenty minutes left, I had been out bid by fifty cents, so I upped the bid fifty cents and won it for a whole $2.94.  The electric poles were removed from the bridge and the trolley connection leads nowhere.  Santa was a big spender this year.

 1915 postcard trolley on old double tressel bridge on TN River 

The last weekend of the year was great. Temperatures Saturday was in the sixties.  I was able to get my John Deere out and haul wood chips the power company brought me and spread them out along the paths in the former veggie garden I took over in flowers.   My new garden area should be ready to go this year after all the organic matter I’ve been adding to it.  Monday we’ll return to winter.  A skunk decided to trespass across the yard and was met by one of the hooligans.  The large roll around garage can that the country uses for trash pickup got the worst end of the spray.  It’s a good thing I recycle so much that I only put it out on the curb one a month.

 Levi and Patches playing with new toy 

Ever wonder who started this New Years resolution thing?  I’m not one who usually makes resolutions, as I can’t keep them for very long, so why bother?   Last year I made a resolution not to buy any more plants until I had the potted ones from 2010 in the ground. I’m not sure how many times I broke that one.   Before my November knee surgery, even up to late in the evening before surgery, I worked diligently to get potted plants into the ground and moving and dividing plants from one bed to the appropriate theme bed.  Problem was that I kept adding to the collection.  I only have a few peonies that didn’t make in the ground.   A couple of weeks after surgery, I found a close out of shrubs ninety per cent off.  I can home with a truck load of Encores, gardenia, sky pencil and rhododendrons, normally around two hundred for a little over eighteen dollars.  I put them in the greenhouse until my knee is back in digging shape.  Later in the week when I went to water them, I noticed that several of the shrubs had limbs chewed off; field rats had gotten in the greenhouse and were eating everything they could in sight, even the half length toilet paper rolls that I use for starting seeds. After feeding them bait traps for several days, I was disposing of the casualties inside while Blackie was outside digging up tunnels; she leaned on the siding and a piece broke out and that was all she needed to burst through.  The sun pounding on the western side has made the plastic brittle.  I have a left over piece in the shed that will just cover the hole.  For now a hooligan cage with a couple of concrete blocks covers the hole.

 Blackie and toy  

 Forsyth Paleface daylily 


The hooligan’s resolutions: 



    Levi guarding the JD 


  New Year sunset over Tennessee River 

What the hooligans and I wish for you in the New Year:  We wish you health for those sick, prosperity for those with out a job. Take time to enjoy the beauty that has been given around us.  Stop long enough to watch a sunset and take time to smell the flowers. Take time to enjoy your friends.

     our monthly Deshler 71 high school girls night out  

Oh my, I just got in garden catalogs from two of my favorite companies. Piece of cake?