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Cannabalism in Chickens

Lessons Learned From the FlockIf you have chickens, you know that, at times, flock pecking can get out of hand resulting in severe injury and sometimes even the death of a bird.

Chickens are meat eaters (if you doubt me, you should have seen what happened within seconds to the nest of newborn mice we uncovered in the henhouse last spring.) They will peck each other and if they draw blood, the sight of the bright red tissue will excite them to even more pecking.

 pecking damage

Put simply, chickens can and will peck flock members to death.

So what can you do about cannibalism in your flock?

The best strategy is an offense.

If your flock does peck and shows signs of cannibalism, you need to remove the injured bird and tend to its wounds. You may have to keep it separate from the flock so that it will have undisturbed access to food and water.

flock | Fotolia/sherjaca 

Photo: Fotolia/sherjaca

Whatever you do, don’t file down or trim the beaks – this procedure won’t prevent the pecking, it will just reduce the damage when a bird is pecked. It’s far better to address the underlying problem than it is to try and treat a symptom.

Lastly anticipate that pecking and therefore cannibalism might occur and “bird proof” your coop. Make sure there are no areas where a bird can “hide” and then get stuck exposing itself to the savagery of the others. Fill in cinderblock holes and make sure that boxes are flush against the henhouse walls so a bird won’t be tempted to wedge itself as a way to escape other chickens.


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