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Champagne D'Argent Rabbits: Part II


Muck Boot Diva Headshot The Rabbit Rendezvous Lodge now stands in the back of the MWM’s (Man with Muscles) Mother’s house in Greenwood Lake, and the breeders have moved in!  After several tryst’s that could have used a little candlelight, less scratching and biting to the MWM, and a bottle picked by Bacchus himself, the babies have finally arrived. 

The pro’s call them kits, as that is the official name for rabbit offspring.

The MWM was in his glory; I was just relieved that he was not pacing around waiting for a pregnancy to transpire.  After a while, he started looking my way.  I said, “Oh, no, no, no. No way Bub, I came with kids – package deal.”  At forty eight, there’s no way I’m starting all over with that again.

There are 7 kits all together – they are black and fuzzy.  As they mature, they will look like a silver fox.  We are breeding them for meat production, and plan to focus on specialty restaurants.  When they are older – not babies, or kits.

Today, it looked like they were lined up for the subway, according to our update call.  We are regularly posted by the MWM’s Mother, daily.  She has given the rabbits all human personalizations at this point.  When “Illinois” was going in for delivery it was like hearing the real thing, play by play, if you get what I mean.  “They are rabbits,” I said, “they live in a nest box full of hay in a coop outside in the cold -– they are not people.” 


At some point after the birth, I proceeded to hear how Illinois planned on getting her figure back.  I shook my head and left the room.

The MWM did much hard work on putting the structure together.  The inside of the “lodge” looks great.  The MWM put in lighting, an automatic water system, and a wall full of cages.  They purchased an A/C for the summer, and a heater that will trip on at 40 degrees to keep the bunnies warm. 


I will keep you all apprised on how the set up works throughout the winter – this is the real testing ground for our larger operation.  In the North, we have to get the water working right, and avoid any pipe freezing issues.  Winters are hard!

For now – we all get to enjoy watching the kits grow.  It is a marvelous process, and my niece is still young enough to enjoy it. 

P.S. It seems I am in the "family way" after all; Chienne (My Birthday/Christmas present and our new family puppy) just arrived today!  Photo's later...

Enjoy the Holidays!

Splashingly yours,

Muck Boot Diva