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11 Reasons To Get A Family Milk Cow

Candi Johns


Nothing compares to owning your own milk cow.

I like my chickens. The ducks are adorable. The pigs are ... well, pigs.

The cow is another story entirely. If you took my ducks I'd be sad. If you took my chickens I'd chase you. If you took my pigs, I'd thank you. If you took my cows, I'd die. Well, maybe not really, but I'd want my cows back. Immediately.


Before we purchased our first milk cow everyone was trying to convince us we were making a mistake.

Some of the advice we were given before we got our first cow:

Some of it was true, some was a matter of opinion. Much of it turned out to not be true for us.

The truth is ...

faith eating

I can not begin to tell you how happy I am that no one scared us out of getting our cow. Yes, she's huge. Yes, we milk her every day. Yes, it's a commitment.

Yes, I want to keep her forever. My life is better with cows.

We now have two Jersey cows we milk every day.

How my cow has made my life better –

Faith in Spring

I have never regretted getting a milk cow. I am blessed to be able to spend time with my sweet cows every day. They have given so much to our family. Our health is better. Our life is better. I am so grateful for our sweet, Jersey cows.