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Caprine Communication

Rachel the goat

Our new little goat, Rachael, is fitting right in.

Rachel on the run

Upon bringing her home, both Rustic Russ and I began "talking" to her as her mother would.

Low, reassuring Baaaaa.

Rachael flying

Being a surrogate goat Mama and Papa comes in handy. 

We call and she comes a runnin’.

At a full run

She wants that “motherly” reassurance. 

And that “fatherly” approval.

Rachael and Zip

The only time she isn't responding back, is when her little mouth is full.

Rachael eating leaves.

Thank goodness she likes leaves, and not berries. 

Not yet anyway.


At the end of the day, she must return to the company of other ruminants. 

It’s only right. 

Rachel the goat back in her pen

Until tomorrow ~ gotta love those goats ~ God willing,