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Backyard Chicken App Update: Pickin' Chickens Expanded and Improved

By Jennifer Nemec

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A photo of Jenn NemecGot chickens or thinking about getting a few? Got an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch? Well, have I got the app for you!

ChicknPickn appGRIT Blogger Michelle Hernandez and her friends at Funny Farm Industries have updated the Pickin' Chicken Breed Selector by Mother Earth News. They've added more breeds (expanded to 82 breeds and more than 100 varieties), new photos and expanded search options.

Put together with expert breed advice from the American Livestock Breeds Association and the APA, the app helps you to find the ideal chicken breed for eggs, meat, personality, or any combination, now using more than 16 “Eggspert” search options.

“We’re pleased and humbled by the overwhelmingly positive feedback from our user community,” Michelle says. “We enjoy getting photo submissions from our users’ flocks. We get some funny ones as well as ones we share in our app.”

Here's a quick overview of the Pickin' Chicken app:

Someone new to the game can find breeds best for them by simply answering a few questions.

The “Pickin'” intro screen displaying the 1st of 3 egg questions 

If you're a little more savvy or just interested in looking a little deeper, the built-in “Eggspert” search allows you to choose exact combinations from 16 different characteristics, including temperament, climate and housing suitability, growth rate, and broodiness. The new update adds comb type and APA status to the list.

The Eggspert screen, showing some of the 14 different options on which to Power Search. 

If you've got a particular niche that you want to fill, you can filter matches to only heritage or endangered breeds as identified by the ALBC, while hybrids still appear in the list of available options.

See all matching breeds or filter to Heritage or Endangered breeds by clicking on the appropriate tab. 

Each breed also has a profile page that offers specific info and one or more full body photos. The number of photos is always increasing, because Michelle and co. are always looking for more birds to add to the collection. If you'd like to share a photo of your own photogenic chicken, you can share your photo under the “More” section.

Pickin' Chicken Catalana details 

Pickin' Chicken more Catalana details 

Catalana rooster.  Thank you, Karen Keb, for sharing a photo of your handsome roo! 

A few additional features of Pickin’ Chicken include: an editable Favorites library, a Browser function, a Glossary of terms, educational Resources, Tips on chicken care, an integrated Twitter link, and an opportunity to subscribe to a free newsletter.

Don't have an iPhone or an iPad? Check out similar information in our Perfect Chickens article or other chicken information here on or at the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy. Wherever you get the information, raising chickens makes for fresh eggs and hours of laughs. Enjoy the journey!

10/28/2011 7:28:59 AM

So, when can I get this app for my BlackBerry?

nebraska dave
10/26/2011 6:26:19 PM

Jenn, I can definitely understand about keeping up with the blog posting. GRIT is definitely the most active blog site that I have seen for a Magazine. I think you do a great job of keeping everything running smoothly. Keep up the good work. Have a great Sr. Assoc. Editor day.

10/26/2011 2:49:10 PM

Hi Daves! Thanks for the positive feedback. My blog does seem to always be at the bottom of my priority list. I always choose getting blogs up for you all. Hope the Pickin' Chicken app is helpful to your chicken-loving smartphone-wielding friends! (GO BIG RED!)

dave larson
10/24/2011 9:10:24 AM

Hi Jenn, Great app for chicken folk. Forwarding to my chicken raising, ipad loving neighbor. Have a great week.

nebraska dave
10/22/2011 9:26:56 AM

Jenn, hey finally another post from Jenn. May of 2010 has been a long time. Don't you think? Come to think of it Michelle hasn't posted in a awhile either. Unfortunately my cheap free phone with lease signing doesn't support all that fancy app stuff. Chickens really are not an option in my lifestyle. The application does look to be a great help for those that are looking for adding chickens to their homestead. I hope you have been enjoying the fall weather. It's been wonderful here in Nebraska. The temperatures are starting to get down into the lower 30s and upper 20s. I pulled out the last of the garden yesterday and now need advice on what to do with two big grocery bags full of green peppers. Any suggestions? Winter is 60 days away and fast approaching but I have unfinished projects inside to keep me busy this winter. Have a great Kansas day. GO BIG RED!!