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A Typical Homestead Morning

Yesterday as I attempted to sleep while the day carried on around me, I was harshly ripped from dreams by Peanut’s soul cracking howls.  This was his oh so subtle way of letting me know my husband had gotten home.  After hubby was settled inside, I slipped back into sleep.  Again I was wrenched from quiet stillness with the persistent gallop of hooves on the wooden deck.  Up and down the stairs was a loud clip-clop trotting and the sound of the adirondack chairs being readily rearranged around the back deck.  Try as I might, I could not shut out this noise.  Next came the ear piercing shrieks of the hawks.  This got my attention indefinitely.  As I clumsily raced down the stairs and out the door, I was greeted by 4 crazy eyed goats munching on the cardboard boxes left on the deck.  The pigs rooting around in the chicken coop with everything half-hazardously strewn around and chickens dispersed around the back half of the homestead.  Love these kind of wake up calls.

As I looked around further, there was a nice Houidini shaped hole in the fence, again.  After wrangling everyone back into their pen and yelling like a crazy person at the skies to scare the hawks away, I began to put the chicken coop back together.  Hubby then arrived back home with materials to repair the fence once and for all (hopefully).  What a morning.

With the stretch of Spring weather continuing tomorrow, there is much to be done.  Our chicken coop for Princess arrived so we will get that set up and show her her new place.  We are hoping to have time to pick up a Silkie buddy for her also.  We also have plans to finish the raised bed gardens, so a trip to the local topsoil supply store is on the agenda as well.  I have been setting the hanging planters with the lettuce and cherry tomatoes on the front porch to soak in the sunshine while I am at home and bringing them in at night.  I have noticed the cherry tomatoes are not doing so well with the transfer, so I am hoping the sun will help renew them. I definitely learned that this year I began planting too early.  Next year I will be waiting until March to begin my seedlings inside. Live and learn!

10 more days until Spring has sprung!


Until next time...

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