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A Drive in the Country

It’s a lovely day – the kind of day after a rain when the early spring sun breaks forth through clouds of winter darkness and everything looks hyperlight bright.

A countryside joyride around here brings no end of joyful observations, possibilities – and deeper thinking. As hubby Bill discovered a few days ago.

Me: Aaaahhhhh – stop RIGHT HERE!

Bill (comes to a screeching halt in front of a farm we occasionally pass) WHAT???

Me (longingly): I just want to look at my horsie again.

Bill: We don’t HAVE a horsie.

Moi: Sure, we do. See that lovely little brown Shetland with the dusky mane?

Bill: Yup – and it isn’t our horsie.

Me (mysteriously): I have named him; thus he is ours.

Bill: We own no horsies. Never have, never will. Can I drive on, now?

Me (longingly, adoringly): I have named him after the famous Milne classic.

Bill: You are calling him Winnie-the-Pooh? That’s a BEAR’s name.

Me (haughtily): Depends on your version of spell-check. In my book it’s a much classier HORSIE NAME.

Bill: ???

Me (spelling carefully, as to a small child): Whinny-the-Poo.

 My Little Pony 

It’s a lovely day – the kind of day after a rain when the early spring sun breaks forth through clouds of winter darkness. My world glows hyperlight bright. 

Too bad SOMEBODY then proceeds to drive waay 2 fast to enjoy it, muttering something under his breath that sounds confusingly like “…I wonder if is there an insane asylum in this county, and if they take drop-in contributions??” 

All I can say is: A joyride in the country around here brings no end of lovely observations. 

And deeper appreciations. 

nebraska dave
8/7/2012 1:46:48 PM

Diane, driving in the country does have a therapeutic effect, doesn't it? My wife used to like to drive through the country with no destination in mind. It was just for the pure enjoyment of it. We would get as far off the main roads as possible. We could never afford a place in the country but our hearts were always bent toward the country. She being from the east coast and raised in the big city thought the country life was the best. That dream of country living was not to be. Her health prevented us from being to far away from medical facilities. We would still take country drives and dream about living there. Those were good times. Her health issues finally took here from me 11 years ago but the memories of those shared country drives live on. Thanks for reminding me of how great it is just to drive through the country and enjoy the view. Have a great country drive and no you're not crazy just a dreamer.