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A Cold Lazy Day

Squrrel vs catTwelve degrees this morning in my little spot in Kansas.  It is the first true week of winter we’ve had this year, and still very little snow or rain.  The forecast is for warm days and no moisture for the next 14 days.  No wonder people say all Kansas farmers do is talk about the weather!  

This is the time of year the traditional farmer kicks back and waits for the crops to come up.  My family men fed and watered cattle and other stock, took the opportunity to tear down a tractor or two, and in the afternoon, stoked udrinking catp the wood stove, stretched out in the Lazy Boy and took a bit of a nap.

Not a bad life, this country life.  As for me, I’m trying to get some water and food out for the urban wildlife.  The birds are not as plentiful this year – being smart sort of fellers, they are migrating around looking for more water than the Midwest has to offer.  Nevertheless, we are seeing a few hardy souls.

My household critters and I are just enjoying the days.  The cats help me keep watch for things needing to be done and if a little rain should fall, we’ll be seeing the birds again soon.  In the meantime, I’ll just keep the tradition, light the gas fireplace and read my new seed catalogs.  A girl has to dream.