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A Bit of Horse Philosophy: Natural Humanship

Cactus Jack Splash the Appaloosa HorseThe DOR (Dope on a Rope/Human) has been reading everything she can get her hands on about natural horsemanship for the past three years. She has attended clinics as both a participant and observer. Most of her herd has been trained at one time or another using this method. Well goody for her, but that means more work on my part learning natural humanship!

I started my study in this when I was sent to training by my first owner. I was sent to a wonderful facility and trainer, but I had no idea what I was supposed to to with a human. I was rough around the edges and made a few mistakes. I found out that bucking until I was so tired that I couldn't stand and then rolling around on the ground like a pig when the saddle was put on got me absolutely nowhere. I quickly discovered that if I stood nicely and didn't buck the saddle got taken off sooner. Hmmmm, lesson one; treat the DOR like they have the best ideas ever and their silly behavior ends sooner.

Horse on a lead

Natural humanship is the philosophy of working with DORs by appealing to their instincts and social structure. It involves communication techniques derived from the observation of the social structure of humans, allowing horses to exhibit behaviors that resemble the interactions that humans have with each other.

Once you have your DOR good with all of these activities you can move on to the riding lessons. I will cover those tomorrow.

Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR!